What's New 1999

December 22, 1999     Added Blackjack Game and Basic Strategy Calculator by Eric Farmer. Two fine programs plus source code. One program enables a user to calculate the basic strategy for various rules. It also allows one to calculate the EV for specific player hands vs dealer up card. The other program allows one to play and simultaneously displays the EV for each of the play options.
December 18, 1999     Added Math World Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
December 08, 1999     Added Re: Whew! by ET Fan. A great explanation of growth rate.
November 07, 1999     Added Rule Abbreviations and Effects on Basic Strategy from various sources. A listing of rules and abbreviations along with the effects of these rules on the basic strategy player. Thanks goes to Don Schlesinger, Stanford Wong, Cacarulo and the late Tom Turcich for this data.
August 21, 1999     Added "Algorithms For Computations of Blackjack Strategies," by David Heath, 1973. Paper presented at the Second Conference on Gambling, sponsored by the University of Nevada, 1975. [pdf format; 670k]
August 15, 1999     Added Optimal Betting by Steve Jacobs. Steve discusses the Computation of the Optimal Betting Strategy for Blackjack. [1993]
July 19, 1999     Added Using RA-Fractions to Optimize DI or RoR. by MathProf. MathProf discusses a Risk Adjusted strategy which optimizes one's Desirability Index or Risk of Ruin.
July 1, 1999     Added Beat the Market discussion board. Casino Stock performance evaluation, Market cycles, Bonds, Financial Strategies, etc.
June 29, 1999     Added Why What You Got Ain't What You Expected: Edge, Volatility, and Risk of Ruin in Gambling by Alan Krigman. Alan discusses risk of ruin from two perspectives: a) the earnings criterion and b) the survival criterion.
June 13, 1999     Added 50-50 and Even-Money Equivalent Bets by Alan Krigman. Alan discusses the idea of an "even-money equivalent bet" which yields the same expectation and variance as its actual prototype.
May 20, 1999     Added the entire text of "The Mathematics of Gambling," by Dr. Edward O. Thorp. Copyright © 1984. COPYRIGHT NOTICE: "The Mathematics of Gambling" is posted by permission of Dr. Edward Thorp. It can only be downloaded for single copy individual use (plus "short" quotes in published works with Dr. Thorp's prior approval).
April 03, 1999     Added Blackjack Counting System Generator (Version 1.3) by CL. CL has come up with an absolutely marvelous idea of using an Excel spreadsheet to enable one to generate one's own optimal counting system.
March 23, 1999     Added Blackjack: Your Key to Winning Play BJ game and Practice shareware program by Glencoe Computing.
March 20, 1999     Added 1, 2, 6, deck betting cover costs (revised-long-Pt.1) by ML. An interesting discussion of the effects of various cover betting strategies in various games.
March 13, 1999     Added a link to Numerical Recipes in C by William H. Press, et al. Thanks to special permission from Cambridge University Press, the complete Numerical Recipes in C book is provided On-Line!
March 13, 1999     Added Dunbar's Tax Analyzer by Dunbar. This Excel spreadsheet may help you decide whether to declare your 1998 gambling winnings as a business or as "other income".
March 7, 1999     Added Unbalanced system questions by Troy and answers by brh.
February 27, 1999     Thorp, E.O. , and Walden, W. E. "The Fundamental Theorem of Card Counting with Applications to Trente-et-Quarante and Baccarat," International Journal of Game Theory, Physica-Verlag, Volume 2, Issue 2, 1973. [pdf format, 631K]
February 23, 1999     The Cut-Card Effect by Border Crosser and MathProf. Questions by Border Crosser and answers by MathProf.
February 20, 1999     Check out the new Beginner's Math and Blackjack Discussion Board. For beginner's, anyone who is not mathematically inclined, or anyone who would like an easy to understand answer.
January 28, 1999     Added: Gottleib, Gary, "An Optimal Betting Strategy For Repeated Games," Journal of Applied Probability, Vol 22, 787-795, 1985. [pdf format; 339k]
January 21, 1999     Added: Ethier, S.N. and Tavere, S., "The Proportional Bettor's Return on Investment," Journal of Applied Probability, Vol 20, 563-573, 1983. [pdf format; 510k]
January 18, 1999     Added a Question Survey. Try it out. It's easy, fun and all responses are totally anonymous. If you have a question that you would like added to the list, please let me know and I'll see what I can do.
January 14, 1999     Added: Sileo, Patrick "The Evaluation of Blackjack Games Using a Combined Expectation and Risk Measure," Eadington, W.R. and Cornelius, J.A., eds. (1992). Gambling and Commercial Gaming: Essays in Business, Economics, Philosophy and Science. Reno: Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming, University of Nevada, Reno, www.unr.edu/gaming [pdf format; 460k]
January 9, 1999     Added bjmath Search Engine. Now you will be able to quickly search the bjmath archive files for the topics that interest you.
January 2, 1999     Added thcalc.zip by T-Hopper. Compare the win rate, standard deviation and bankroll requirements for an unlimited number of user defined bet spreads to the optimal 1 to infinity bet spread.