Re: Why can't I win at anything?

Posted by Don Schlesinger on August 12, 1997 at 06:21:02: In Reply to: Why can' I win at anything? posted by Byron Smith on August 11, 1997 at 18:28:47:

I'm surprised that not one person who posted below (and the answers are excellent) mentioned that playing at a full table in a shoe game (or any other, for that matter) is an utter waste of your time.

Recommendations: 1) back-count exclusively, if you can; 2) do NOT play full tables!; 3) don't raise your $5 bet (as already suggested) until +1; 4) at the top end, try two hands of $30, instead of one hand of $40 (same risk, greater expectation -- a no-brainer!).

Good luck.