Kelly Betting

There has been a lot written on optimal bet sizing and how strict Kelly bet sizing is impractical in the casino. This section contains articles on both the theoretical aspects and the practical application of Kelly betting.

Last Updated: Article
99/12/08 Re: Whew!
by ET Fan. A great explanation of growth rate.
98/07/07 Playing two hands and Kelly (not short)
by Grimy Fellow.
98/01/23 A New Interpretation of Information Rate
by J.L. Kelly, Jr. (pdf format; 101k)
97/10/04 Martingales and Kelly Criterion
by Kim Lee.
97/09/25 When and Why Kelly "Breaks Down".
by MathProf.
97/09/20 FAQ: Kelly Criterion, Utility Functions, and Certainty Equivalent
by Red Taylor.
97/08/30 Optimal Betting Question?
by DvBj, Brett Harris, Pete Moss, and Richard Reid.
97/08/17 Null Result I
by Brett Harris.
97/08/17 Null Result II
by Brett Harris.
97/08/17 (Almost) Null Result III
by Brett Harris.
97/08/11 Finding the SD for N hands of Kelly bets for BJ
by David D'Aquin.
97/07/11 What is Kelly's Theorem: Part I
by Bisser, Pete Moss, David D'Aquin, Frank E Deal, and Grimy Fellow.
97/08/28 What is Kelly's Theorem: Part II
by Bisser, Grimy Fellow, Pete Moss, David D'Aquin, and Thicko.
97/07/01 Exponential Growth vs Logarithmic Growth.
by Steve Heston, Richard Reid, Mike Lea and David D'Aquin.
97/06/27 Long Run Formula For Kelly Betting
by David D'Aquin.
97/05/19 Kelly Generalization
by Winston Yamashita